Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rodrigo Diaz and more Spartans

I chiseled away at the El Cid lead pile this week, here we have Rodrigo Diaz himself, mounted and on foot, with his vassal Alvar Minaya, also mounted and on foot.

These are nice and chunky Crusader 28mm, I really like their dark age ranges. Have done a lot of their Normans and Huscarls.

I also finished another battlegroup of Spartans, this is a mixture of the two Zvezda box sets, the new Spartans and the older mixed hoplites. I think Zvezda are my favourite 1/72 manufacturer, love those Corinthian helmets.


  1. Go Dave! I really the look of those Greeks!

  2. Sean, my friend, as you know you can never have too many hoplites!

    Now, what am I going to do with them you ask....

    Platea perhaps?