Monday, November 27, 2017

Whither scale?

This week I knocked off a few 10mm models that arrived just in time for hosting a Juno Beach scenario on the weekend:

 And finally I painted a Battlefront 15mm Crusader and a 10mm Matilda - I can't decide which scale to go with for a new Western Desert project. The Flames of War 15mm stuff is lovely - but it's pricey, on the other hand Pendraken 10mm stuff is also great and half the price. Argh.....


  1. Try 6mm. Massive battles, armies are very cheap to build, painting in very quick time and they still look good. Have a look at Big Lee's Minature Adventures blog for his 6mm desert stuff (using FOW rules).

  2. For Western Desert you'll want to capture the openness of the theatre so smaller is better. Of the two, go with 10mm but personally I agree with Phil - 6mm.

  3. Thanks guys - but I have a 6mm desert collection already .... this is up-scale creep!

    Actually I sold my 20mm and was looking for something to do smaller engagements with - you are right that 6mm is best for big battles. The footprint of 15mm is actually quite close to 20mm.