Friday, February 19, 2010

Back in action

It's been quiet here for almost 10 days, I was in Norway to give a talk for the University of Oslo's Darwin Day and that took a good chunk of time away from home. Guess how much it costs to have the local el cheapo pizzeria make and deliver a pie? $50. Yep. One pint of beer in the pub was $14. The taxi meter reads $10 before your ass even touches the seat. Holy crap...glad the expenses were paid by the host.

So, after my hiatus I am back to the bench and still have much gusto for Napoleonics in 1/72 after whipping off those highlanders. I picked up a copy of Black Powder on Amazon for an amazing $20

Then scored a copy of Lasalle from Sam Mustafa

I've decided to do Waterloo themed forces, focussed on the Anglo-Allies and the actions around Quatre Bras. This matches up with my holdings of 1/72 that need to be painted, with a few minor additions. Mark has decided to try to start with some French so I am concentrating on the Allies to start with. This week I knocked off some Dutch and Belgians that have been on the shelf for a while, including Belgian regulars (Hat):
Dutch milita (also Hat):
And I rebased about 40 British regulars to add to the highlanders from last week (old Airfix):
We played Black Powder at the club on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it (thanks Bruce!), it was easy to pick up, colourful, and fun. I think this will look superb in 1/72.

Next up: Black Brunswickers

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  1. Dave,

    Great pic of Bella! Also...I may get sucked into that Black Powder rule set, since it covers ACW...give it a few years!