Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Black Brunswickers arrive

Today I finished off a brigade of Brunswickers plus a few other odds and ends for my Black Powder project.

This must be the easiest side to paint, they wore all black uniforms with black straps, hence the name:

Sophie, modelling a Brunswicker uniform

There are 2 battalions of infantry, these are Hat Brunswick Lieb so they represent the Lieb battalion (the Duke's bodyguard) in blue collars and the 1st light battalion in red collars:

There is also the Avant Garde battalion in their distinctive Corsican hats, 2 companies in grey (jaegers) and 2 in black (lights), they would fight in skirmish order and were armed with rifles:

I also tried my hand at an artillery unit, this is British foot artillery (Revell, very nice kit):

And some Dutch light cavalry:

This project is moving along very quickly, next up will be finishing off the artillery, Dutch and commanders, then likely filling out some more of the Brits.

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