Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anglo-allied BP army shapes up

I finished off enough troops for a reasonable start on a Black Powder army, representing allied forces from Quatre Bras. There are 9 battalions of infantry, 1 of cavalry and 3 artillery units. Like Nosey's force, it is heavy on allied infantry formations.

The first brigade is Dutch, consisting of 2 large infantry battalions, Belgian line and Dutch militia, they are flanked by 2 small light dragoon units that could be fielded separately or as a combined regiment.

There are also British artillery and limbers, a brigade of Brunswickers (2 light battalions and the Avant Garde battalion) in the background

and the third Brigade has 3 small Hanoverian battalions and big battalion of Scots Black Watch

Of course led by the Iron Duke himself, at rest for the moment:

I better start on some French...