Sunday, January 2, 2011

2010 in Review

My painting totals for 2010:

15mm - 254 foot, 68 mounted
20mm - 808 foot, 162 mounted
28mm - 470 foot, 106 mounted, 6 cows, 1 anuran

Total - 1,532 foot, 336 mounted, 6 cows, 1 anuran which is a grand total of 1,875 figures painted. A large number were 1/72 ancients and Napoleonics and 28mm ECW. I thought I might reach 2,000 and was on track for that until I started painting Bretonnians in November and the rate declined precipitously. Next year, I will likely paint fewer figures since I am not planning on starting any really big new projects. New projects will include several DBA and HOTT armies, High Elves for WHFB, maybe some WW2 Pacific and Western Desert stuff, and Gallipoli.

I played a lot of DBA in 2010, and kept track of my win-losses:

Early medieval Poles 2-1
Scots Isles and Highlanders 6-1
Early Achaemenid Persians 3-3
Late Achaemenid Persians 8-1
Gallic 2-0
Dacians: 11-3
Hittite Empire: 2-1
Asiatic Hoplites: 5-3
Sassanid Persians: 13-11-1
War of the Roses English 3-0

Overall I played 80 games and won 55, losing 24 and one called a draw. Sassanids were the hardest army to win with (2 horde and an elephant make this army difficult to manoeuver) and the Dacians and Late Achaemenids were perhaps my most formidable, going 19-4 combined. Probably 3/4 of my games were played against Mark. Next year will feature a Crusades campaign in which I will field the Seljuks and I would like to complete my Egyptian and Roman armies. These are all formidable combined arms forces, so I would like to maintain my 70% winning rate...roll 6s baby!

I have now finished my Bretonnian army, just completed the last unit of Pegasus Knights

I even managed a game against Kevin's lizards last night, and the Pegasus knights administered the coup de gras against the Slann and temple guard along with the Grail knights. So the Brets are off to a good start in 2011 thanks to a favourable terrain set-up and some timely dispelling.


  1. Thanks Bob, they really are beautiful models.

  2. Dave, very impressive painting totals! Holy're a machine. ;^)

  3. Very nice! But the RAF??? Agh! NowI have to come up with someone to combat them!?!