Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sultanate of Rum (DBA III/73)

Over the last two weeks I finished my Seljuk army for our upcoming DBA campaign. I decided to do the Sultanate of Rum list, which is a bit heavier than the generic Seljuk list, but it is still dominated by light horse. It will be fun to play, challenging to win with against crusaders with bow and knight combinations. The figures are from Legio Heroica and I got them in exchange for painting Terry's Ayubbid army.

The army consists of Cavalry general:

An additional cavalry element:

One element of knights:

6 elements of light horse:

Spear, likely to be my camp garrison:

Choice of bow or psiloi:

Choice of bow, psiloi or auxilia:

Next up: I might get back to High Elves and break open the Island of Blood models, and I also have a plan to do a Crusade campaign board using GW's Mighty Empires.

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