Sunday, January 29, 2012

Villers Bocage

I have spent the last week painting Cromwell's, Fireflys, and repainting Corgi diecast half-tracks to try out a game of Kampfgruppe Normandie at the club in the first week of February. I really like these rules, they are very simple and the book is awesome (350+ pages of colour- loads of scenarios, background, etc, but the essences of the rules could fit on 2 pages...). We'll see how they hold up next week. Villers Bocage is of course the battle where Wittmann bushwacked 7th Armoured in Normandy and single handedly destroyed most of a brigade. He didn't do so well in my first solo playtest, but dice are capricious.

Cotton's Cromwell in Villers Bocage.

Corgi die-casts (Marine Corps markings) repainted in olive drab with russian green drybrush and Commonwealth decals. I see there are some details still to pick out.

This one is my favourite, Hasegawa Humber MkII armoured car:

Which one is Wittmann? I think he drove a Tiger I with 007 markings at Villers Bocage. I have here two Dragon pre-paint Tigers, one Forces of Valor Tiger, and a Forces of Valor MkIVH with schurtzen:



  1. Nice looking stuff Dave, 1/72nds? Kampfgruppe Normandie question, one vehicle = one vehicle? What level is command?

  2. Yep, it's 1:1 figure and vehicle scale. You command from a platoon to a company on the table. I am using 1/72.

    Same game scale as Disposable heroes or Battleground, but less detailed so should play more quickly and perhaps because of that handle larger scenarios.

  3. The vehicles are nicely done. The markings look cool.