Monday, April 25, 2011

Mantic skeletons

I just finished 60 Mantic skellies, formed into 2 units of 30 warriors. This will be a big part of the core of my VC army. I like the models a lot.

There is one unit of 30 with hand weapons:

And a second unit with spears:

I am undecided how to run these guys, skellies don't have overwhelming stat lines, so I have also considered running them as a horde, a single unit of 50-60 bodies. Not sure yet. 50-60 skellies with a vampire and wight BSB will be a formidable thing on the table, but also a juicy target for big spells like Dwellers Below or Final Transmutation. I also like having more manouever options with smaller units....

Next up: ghouls and zombies.


  1. Nice job! They make very good look models; do the Mantic hold up to handling while painting (this look thin)? Knowing zip about WHFB, a horde that big would be hard to ignore so might draw units to it which you might then flank with better skellie units. Allows you to choose where the fight is going to be on the board a lot of the time by positioning a single unit.

  2. They held up fine until the cat knocked over a few and I stepped on the standard bearer- by the far the most fragile of the lot! But they are actually well sculpted in terms of how they go together with broad attachement points for cement. They should hold up fine unless stepped on by a some galoot.

    Almost have to run them as a horde now that you make me think about it, but my guess is that opponents will avoid it, outlflank it or nuke it. At least that is what I do with Scott's big block of bloodletters.

  3. I've been playing my Vampire Counts quite a bit lately and if you don't mind some advice I'd make it a horde. The attrition for VC in 8th edition is horrible!

  4. Aaaannd sorry, forgot to say that the models are excellent!

  5. Thanks Art, I guess because they will just about always strike last, horde makes sense. That way there is at least something left to hit back with. Spears or hand weapons? I like the hand weapon parry save since the horde fights in 3 ranks already.

  6. Yeah, I do hand weapons and shields as well. That little 6+ has saved several skeletons from their doom. And do make the same mistake I do, remember to remind your opponent to make that fear roll! A WS 1 enemy helps. And you might want to invest in a corpse cart, it's "miasma of deathly vigour" giving all friendly undead within 6" always strikes first helps a ton too.

    Look at me spouting off. lol!