Monday, April 4, 2011

War in the Pacific

I tried out some paint schemes for USMC for a future project on the Peleliu campaign. I would like to run a series of connected skirmish scenarios some time later this year using the Operation Stalemate II scenario book and Disposable Heroes. I tried painting some Revell plastic marines which are okay, albeit with the usual plastic foibles (flat awkward poses, inevitable flash, poor mix of weapons, etc...):

These are probably the best USMC plastics around, that's not saying much, so I have secured some metals in a Bartertown exchange. The choices for Japanese are actually very good in plastic right now, I have a pile of Esci, Airfix and Matchbox kicking around, and Waterloo recently released some excellent new sets that are surprisingly 3-dimensional.

Now, I just need to wait the requisite 40-50 days or so it seems for anthing to arrive in the post (WTF! I'm waiting 2 weeks for something from Ontario now! %$%$@%#$^@$!!!). Over the weekend I ordered a box of plastic IJA artillery from Taiwan and plastic palm trees from China. I wager they get here before stuff from Ontario and the US ordered earlier.


  1. Nice job with the painting. I'm sure I had a box of these as a kid--did they come with a honking BAR gunner? I might be thinking of some US army figures instead of USMC.

  2. The BAR gunner is the third figure from the right, not honking, but he looks like he is playing bass. Come to think of it, one of the rifleman looks more like a guitarist too...

  3. He does look like he's pumping out the fat beats. I must be thinking of a different set: very upright figure with a BAR and bipod mount. Maybe an ESCI set? And maybe army, not marines.