Thursday, September 15, 2011

More ECW, and it's all Greek to me...

Over the last week I completed one regiment of Parliament horse, this is more of the large lot of Warlord plastics that I obtained this summer and this regiment is done with heavy armour and mostly pistols, meant to be trotters in caracole:

I also rebased a bunch of 1/72 Greeks for a DBA army to play in our autumn campaign. This army I may either sell or loan out for somebody to use. I created enough elments to run it either as later hoplite Athenians or Mixed. It has a reasonable number of light troops and some mounted, so it will be reasonably competitive. Athenians have mounted elements and Ag 2 littoral, which I like, or Mixed have more light troop options plus Ag 1. Some fellas like low Ag.

I am split on whether to sell or loan it. I like the army- the mostly Zvezda figs are nice- but if I loan it out and it gets busted up I will be miffed. What do you reckon it would be worth? I will also be basing up a Macedonian/Successor army and a Classical Indian army.

Next up: still waiting for a big order picoarmor to arrive on the slow plane from the US....


  1. Love the ECW horse, Dave. They're looking really good!

  2. Nice ECW figures! No idea on the price for 1/72. Somewhere between $60 and $80 would be my guess on Fanaticus.

  3. Very nice work :) I love looking at everyone's historicals. My group doesn't get into them (except me) so I live vicariously through all of you.

  4. Thanks guys, I experimented with some GW washes to make the buffcoats look more "leathery" and to give the horses some shine. I like the way they came out.