Saturday, January 2, 2010

15mm Asiatic Greek DBA army

OK, first progress in 2010 is my Asiatic Greek army (Minifigs 15mm) for DBA (list I/52g). In fairness, these figs were based and primed in 2009 but I painted and decalled them on New Year's Day in 2010, so they count for this year's progress.

These are old Minifigs, all one pose and quite static, but I kind of like that look for DBA. I painted them in a variety of colours so they look a bit like Playmobile, but I wanted them to resemble a polyglot allied Ionic city state rebel army to face the Persians. Transfers are from VVV.

This army has 9 Sp, 1 Ps and 2 Cv (one is the general). It has more horsies than most other early hoplite armies, presumably reflecting the eastern Asiatic influence. Quite simple to use (line up your steady hoplites, use double ranked spear or psiloi support as necessary, and roll 6s) but the 2 Cv elements offer a bit of scope for some flanking or rambling. I have an excellent track record of getting my general killed, and a Cv general for me is just asking for trouble since the offensive foray option is just so enticing. I'm an aggressive DBA player, so mounted generals in my army often die prematurely on a 1-6 roll. I'll try these out tomorrow against Mark. I predict they will lose one battle due to a general casualty, but otherwise they are tough to beat since spear are +4 versus foot and mounted, plus there are support options. I reckon they will give Persians trouble but they might struggle against his Thracians (lots of Aux in bad going). I bet he brings the Thracians....


  1. 48!? Wow! Off to a good start!

    I'm looking forward to watching your projects progress!

  2. Thanks mate! But it's a cheeky 48 with a bit of a head start in 2009. If I can keep anywhere close to your painting rate I'll be squared up by summer.