Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chevauchee playtest

Bob came over and we playtested the Chevauchee game this morning (pics here: We tried the map metagame twice using different movement and engagement mechanics, which didn't matter as it turned out. But the outcomes were quite different, the first time around I rolled lots of doubles and got clobbered by random attrition events, the second time around neither of us rolled any doubles at all and I (the French) eventually forced a battle between our full strength forces. To make a long story short, Bob rolled dreadfully and I was able to get my knights onto his knights instead of stakes and the rost boeufs were vanquished.

This was our first time playing full Impetus, and I thought it was very good. There are some interesting mechanics that are beyond the basic version (units can go on opportunity, command-control-discipline become very important, dynamic ZOCs, lots of other goodies) that are actually quite well integrated. It is both detailed and playable inside 2h, plus the nice little map campaign in this scenario is very good. Gotta say, Lorenzo has produced a top-notch product that is worth every penny. The dog's bollocks, as they say in Blighty. Anybody looking for a barely used copy of FoG?

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