Sunday, January 17, 2010

Next Project:: Punic Wars for Impetus

Today I finished the last 10 Celts for my Caesar in Britain project. I have ordered some shield transfers from VVV and will post up pics later this week when they have been applied. I also still need to make movement trays to be officially complete, but that can wait. I have enough painted for 300 point Impetus armies for both Rome and Britain, including chariots, cavalry, artillery and a variety of auxilia. The could also make up smallish WAB armies of about 1500 points.

So what next? I have a half dozen bases of livestock (highland cattle, aka "heilan' coos") to do for the next WAB campaign game with Scott. These will be a hoot. But for my next step towards the paint out I think I will tackle the Punic Wars in 1/72 for Impetus. I have enough bits to do ~500pt Carthaginian and Roman armies. I have the battle of Trebia in mind (Romans crushed in a double envelopment, very much foreshadowing Cannae).

The Carthaginians will be:
40 pts:Hannibal (gifted commander in chief)
30 pts:Mago (expert 2IC)
20 pts: Good command structure
23 pts: Punic CM
38 pts: (2) Gaul CM
92 pts: (4) Numidian CL
44 pts: (2) FP Libyans
57 pts: (3) FL Scutari
60 pts: (4) FL Gauls
60 pts: (5) S Caetrati, Numidians, Balearics
34 pts: (2) Elephants

The Gauls are painted, the rest are not. But the number of figs isn't huge since there are quite a few stands of mounted and skirmishers.

The Roman Army will be
20 pts: Fair CiC
20 pts: Fair 2iC
20 pts: Good command structure
57 pts: (3) CM
392 pts: (4) legions each with (3) FP (Principes, Hastati and Triarus) and (1) S (Velites)

All of the Roman foot are already painted, I just need to do the mounted and command, plus everything will have to be rebased. They are currently on shitty 40mm homemade bases.

So, that should take 6 weeks or so? Hard to tell, 1/72 goes fast though.

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